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Popular Destinations in and around Patna:

Maner Sharif

Maner Sharif

Maner also spelt Maner or Maner Sharif, is a satellite town in Patna Metropolitan Region, in the Patna district in the Indian state of Bihar. Maner Sharif lies 24 km west of Patna the capital of Bihar on National Highway 30 (India). It comes 8 km before Bihta while travelling from Patna to Ara-Buxar via NH30. The town has tombs of Sufi saints Makhdoom Yahya Maneri and Makhdoom Shah Daulat, known as Bari Dargah (the great shrine) and Chhoti Dargah (the small shrine).

Haldi Chhapra in Maner is the Sangam (meeting point) where Sone river meets Ganga. From here it flows as Ganga towards Patna.


Direction From The Royal Bihar: